COIR Holdings, LLC

Revitalization Without Gentrification

COIR Holdings’ mission:  to deliver net-zero energy residential and commercial products to aid in community and economic development by providing sustainable housing at a value while training and employing a local work force to build our product in communities we serve.

COIR Development Theory: The process of meeting a community’s needs through real estate development and collective action. COIR engages Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

COIR Development Theory: The process of meeting a community’s needs through real estate development and collective action. COIR engages Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


COIR Values

Spiritual Alignment

o   Commitment to guiding the firm with the highest level of integrity, faith in action to positively affect all people and spreading love to all people on Earth.

Environmental Responsibility

o   Be as efficient as possible with Earth's resources.

Positive Social Impact

o   Commitment to using real estate development and collective action with community based organizations to impact intersecting solutions to societal problems.

Inter-generational influence

o   Commitment to develop products and communities designed to create value and a culture of wealth from one generation to the next.

Financial Profitability

o   Achieve consist profitability to continue the mission of the firm.

What we do!

COIR Holdings, LLC will disrupt the status quo of the real estate development industry. 

This company was founded to address the housing needs of real estate consumers at a fair value, with sustainable construction, and a focus on community revitalization.   COIR Holdings will provide commercial and residential development and redevelopment.  The overarching goal is to revitalize under-served communities typically positioned in close proximity to central business districts in major cities. 

For residential properties,   COIR Holdings will focus on building sustainable new construction at a value.  There is a gap in “affordable” housing.  According to the MacArthur Foundation’s 2014 study, 47% of adults experience unstable or insecure housing situations. With a gap as large as 47%, it is COIR Holdings’ focus to fulfill the needs of this underserved market.  The average home price in America is $407,300 and the median is $312,400 (   In the course of building sustainable housing, COIR Holdings will hire and train a local work force to complete projects.  The company believes in mentoring and giving individuals second chances at employment.  The workforce will be built from local sub-contractors that agree to provide apprenticeship for individuals who are hired through COIR Holdings’ second chance employment program.   Existing properties will also be a source of revenue in communities COIR Holdings serves.  To enhance the value of the neighborhoods, the company will purchase dilapidated properties to repair and resell to owner occupants.  The goal is to create above 50% owner occupancy to stabilize communities.

For commercial properties, COIR Holdings will focus on sustainable construction and providing space for needed community amenities.  Communities in transition need businesses to support the residential growth.  The gap COIR Holdings will fill is energy efficient accessible retail, office, and multifamily.  Energy efficiency in commercial real estate is a market that has not been addressed.  The company believes in sustainability, global responsibility, and cost efficiency for consumers.  The lower operational costs of commercial buildings will provide savings to tenants, and it will allow them to sign longer term lease agreements for stable cash flow.

 The target market for residential clients are local residents to any area COIR Holdings serves, 25-44 middle class working adults, and the empty nest baby-boomer generation.   Thriving communities have diversity in income that sustains quality and growth.  A community with a majority of low income individuals is not a self-sustaining model for a thriving community.  COIR Holdings’ focus is to develop quality properties for current residents at all income levels, and bring in higher income levels to support community revitalization. The residential housing products will consist of duplexes, town-homes, single-family homes, garage apartment homes, age-in place homes, and low-density multi-family.  The commercial products will include mixed use properties, retail, office, and multi-family.